Ian Rush today spoke of his desire to help build on Liverpool's lasting legacy in the USA after it was announced the club will return to the United States for a pre-season tour this summer.

Rush, who is an ambassador for the Reds, was part of the group which travelled Stateside in 2012 as Brendan Rodgers and his squad visited Toronto, Boston and Baltimore.

Today it was confirmed that the club will journey to the United States once again this summer to take part in the Guinness International Champions Cup.

Liverpoolfc.com spoke to Rush at the press conference to launch the tournament in Miami and he insisted the tour will provide the Reds with a platform to engage with supporters both on and off the field.

Scroll down to read a transcript of the interview.

Ian, the club have announced this afternoon they will return to the United States this summer as part of their pre-season tour. How exciting is this news for fans in America?

It's very exciting. We have millions of fans in America. We try to make it so that everyone can get to see the first team play and it's great news that we can come out here.

You're out in Miami for the tournament announcement. What's the feeling about Liverpool's visit out there?

It's one of excitement. We're a worldwide brand and we've got to take Liverpool Football Club to the people who love the club. So it's really exciting. There are plenty of Liverpool supporters in Miami and also all over America. So it's great that people will be able to come and see them play.

As a club ambassador, you've been involved in a lot of the off-the-pitch work that goes on during tours with the Foundation. Why is it important that the club engages with fans off the pitch?

I think a lot of clubs have been to countries for the first time and it's been a case of getting in and getting out. But that's not Liverpool's style. And we have the LFC Foundation, which does a lot of charity work and goes into local communities. We have community workers there going and giving something back to people who are not as fortunate as we are. We like to put smiles on people's faces - that's what it's all about. They are the real heroes and we just go there to try and leave a legacy of Liverpool Football Club. I think what the Foundation does is absolutely fantastic for every local community.

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How much are you looking forward to the tournament? Does the involvement of some of the biggest teams in European football give it an extra competitive edge?

It's absolutely fantastic. The most important thing when you go into any season is the pre-season. If you don't get ready for pre-season, it will hinder you throughout the season. Brendan Rodgers knows that and hopefully we'll be in the top four come the end of the season. To prepare for the pre-season, you've got to play against the best teams in Europe and that's what this tournament is doing. There are some absolutely fantastic teams and hopefully it will get us ready for the start of the season.

Football is a growing sport in the United States - is this a chance to demonstrate exactly what Liverpool Football Club is all about to those fans?

College football is massive over there and, in 2012, soccer was voted the second biggest sport for those aged between 12 and 18. So I think it just goes to show how football is growing. To have a brand like Liverpool Football Club there, both on and off the pitch, will have a massive effect. It's not just on the pitch, but what we do off the pitch as well is vitally important. And that's when you start getting the younger generation of supporters interested. They want to be successful, but also want to know about the values of Liverpool Football Club that we go and give. And hopefully they'll become Liverpool supporters.

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