Brendan Rodgers has revealed work is still being carried out behind the scenes in an attempt to do business before the close of the January transfer window.

The manager was quizzed by reporters at Anfield during his pre-Everton press conference as to plans for activity between now and Friday's deadline.

Rodgers responded: "We have to wait and see on that. There's certainly nothing imminent. But we always felt if we could do [business] then it was something we wanted to do.

"I said all along this was a group that we needed that wee bit of luck with to keep clear of injury and unfortunately we've been hit by a bad run of injuries.

"I'm just reluctant to bring in anyone that is just going to stockpile players. We need to bring in players that are really going to affect the starting XI. And if we can't do that, then we won't be doing anything.

"The club is working hard on that to find the players; it's just a very difficult market to find the player and do a deal and to get it over the line. We won't stop until the very end and hopefully we can."

He added: "I think we've shown up until this point that with the squad that we have, if we can add to it in this period then it would put us in a great position. We've shown over the course of the season that we're a team that's up there on merit.

"If we're unfortunate enough to be hit by injuries and then there's not the market there to bring in the players that's going to help us, then that's unfortunate.

"What I do know is that we've got a group here that is fighting and if no-one comes in, that will galvanise us even more and we'll really focus in on the players that we have.

"If they're fit and we can get them back as quickly as possible, then we've got a group that can be up there, like we've shown all season."

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