Take a straw poll of Liverpool supporters and the award for most improved player so far this season would almost certainly be given to midfielder Jordan Henderson.

Two years of adaptation at Anfield following his switch from Sunderland in the summer of 2011 have laid the foundations for a truly breakthrough campaign in 2013-14.

The 23-year-old has completed all but 21 minutes in the Barclays Premier League, offering a pleasing combination of distribution, energy, vision and pressing from the centre of the team.

Brendan Rodgers has regularly echoed the growing positive sentiment among Reds fans regarding the No.14's progress, which has included a 100th appearance and 10th goal for the club.

Henderson himself, though, is not satisfied; a professional in every aspect, the England international is determined to use his recent performances as a springboard to consistent success.

"I think my overall game is improving but I'm still a long way from where I want to get to," he reflected to the official Liverpool FC magazine.

"I want to carry on improving every day. Hopefully I can carry on doing the things I have been doing well and if I keep learning from the right people, then I can get to where I want to be.

"I've played quite a lot so far this season and I've been really enjoying my football. Since the manager's come in, he's helped me a lot.

"I think there are a lot of areas I've improved in. Perhaps the biggest would be my tactical awareness; I've made massive strides in terms of defensive transition and offensive too.

"There is huge expectation at Liverpool but that's why I came here in the first place. The best players have great expectations on them because they want to perform at the highest level every single week and they're expected to do so. That's what I want.

"Obviously you're going to have times when it might not be going for you but you still need to stay mentally strong and persevere.

"Consistency is so important. If we can keep doing the things we have been, then by the end of the season we can be right up there."


The versatile Henderson was regularly fielded on the right flank throughout his maiden season with the Reds, before often switching to the middle following the arrival of Rodgers.

Now filled with confidence, the Englishman provides an authoritative presence from a central zone; he believes his career to date should be considered an ideal learning curve.

He added: "I think it can only really benefit me. If you can play in various positions you've got more chance of being in the team and all I want to do is play. At the same time I really enjoy the different roles.

"If I'm playing in a deeper position in front of the back four or back three as more of a controller I like the responsibilities, and it's the same when I'm playing on the left, right or centrally off the attacker with more chances to get forward."