With slightly more than half of the 2013-14 season completed, Liverpool chairman Tom Werner believes the club's supporters concur with the owners' confidence that the Reds are 'moving in the right direction'.

Principal owner John Henry and Werner travelled to Merseyside earlier this week and are in attendance at Anfield on Saturday to watch Brendan Rodgers' team face Aston Villa in the Barclays Premier League.

A victory over today's opponents would maintain the home side's position in the top four of the standings, where Rodgers' charges have been a regular fixture since the campaign got underway.

Before the action kicked off in L4, Werner spoke with Liverpoolfc.com to share his pleasure with the team's performances to date and explain why the target for the remainder is a repeat of what has gone before.

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What's your take on Liverpool's season so far?

We've had a splendid season so far. We're in a very competitive league and I don't want to promise that we're going to finish in the top four. But we're certainly playing excellent football; last week's match against Stoke was another step up in terms of coming back in the second half. We're certainly an offensive threat in every match. As a football fan, anybody in the world would have to say it's exciting to watch Liverpool with Suarez and Sturridge playing up front.

On your regular visits to Anfield, you get to chat with the supporters - what is that like for you?

Everybody feels the club is moving in the right direction. Talking about Luis for a moment; here's a man who has got every opportunity to score more goals in a season than anybody has ever done in the league. It's just exciting to come to a match and feel the energy in the city.

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What feelings did you have when the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, and how did the fans celebrate?

There were over a million fans celebrating in the street. John and I had dinner last night with Brendan Rodgers and Ian Ayre. Ian talked about the excitement in Liverpool in 2005 after the match in Istanbul. One day, hopefully we can bring out another million people onto the streets of Liverpool.

How do the Liverpool fans and the Red Sox supporters compare?

They are actually comparable in lots of ways. But most importantly, they are intelligent, passionate, know their sports teams and are very loyal.

If you could transport a group of Red Sox fans to Anfield for a derby game, what do you think they would make of it?

I think that they would be overwhelmed by the intensity. I've often said that there's really nothing like a home match, and against Everton this particular year it's going to be especially rocking.

What about when you're watching matches back in Boston - what is your matchday experience like?

I get nervous about two hours before the match. It's quite intense - you don't want to be around me if things aren't going well! It has been wonderful to watch the style of play that Brendan has brought to the team and the teamwork. Everybody has contributed, it has been really exciting.

Have you got a particular highlight from this season so far?

There are so many highlights, but I'd have to say those two goals that Luis scored where the ball bent into the top corner [against Norwich]. Those were extraordinary.

Aston Villa are the opposition this evening - what do you make of them?

They are a tough team. I'm not taking them lightly and I don't think the team are taking them lightly. They came here last year and beat Liverpool. They play a tough, competitive game and they played well last week. I'm hoping for three points.

What would be your New Year's message for the Liverpool supporters?

The New Year's message is that we're going in the right direction. You can see that our aspirations are to be at the top of the league. We're hoping that we can play the second half as well as we played the first.