Brendan Rodgers is aware that being the manager of a club such as Liverpool means his stewardship is likely to be judged on just one factor – winning football matches.

It is a feat the Northern Irishman has watched his team achieve more often than not throughout the fledgling months of the 2013-14 season, as the Reds sit second in the Barclays Premier League.

Rodgers has previously spoken of his commitment to creating a side which produces a stylish brand of football, but acknowledged that pragmatism is of crucial importance too.

"We're trying to win. When you're a big club, ultimately that's what you're judged on," Rodgers explained to ESPN.

"But there's a process - when I arrived 17 months ago, the club was in eighth position, reached a couple of cup finals and won one of them.

"The improvements we needed to make were in the league. We needed to be more consistent and that has been one of the elements that I have been really pleased with.

"After that opening period of four or five months, the consistency within the team has been very good. The core idea is to win, but it's to win in style and win in a certain way.

"Whenever you go into any season, you don't set out to finish fourth or third, you always set out to win and be the best that you possibly can be.

"But you also have to be realistic as well - it's unprecedented for any team to go from eighth or seventh and win the league. But that doesn't stop us fighting to arrive there.

"We're looking to introduce our identity to the team and that is going to take a bit of time. But what I have got from the players is the personality and fight; that's something that is very important in football, as well as the ability."


Despite his side's promising opening, which has brought seven wins from 11 fixtures in the top flight, the boss envisages further improvements as the campaign progresses.

"Our aims and objectives in the summer were to have a good pre-season, in order to make a strong start," he added.

"Obviously you don't gauge your start on one or two games; it was going to be over a period of 10 games.

"For us to be up there in the top four, with improvements still to make, can be classed as a good start and something that can give us confidence and belief for the remainder of the season."