In this week's Academy column, Liverpool U18s coach Neil Critchley writes about the club's two latest Spanish recruits, Pedro Chirivella and Sergi Canos.

Critchley arrived at the Reds' Kirkby set-up in early September, joining from Crewe Alexandra, where he had held the role of academy director since 2007.

Youngsters Canos and Chirivella were already at the club by then; however, only recently have they international clearance in order to play – and Critchley is delighted to finally have them on board...

We're very pleased to have the two boys here as they are both good players.

Sergi's had a frustrating time because he's not been able to get out there and play, but he was delighted when the clearance came through last week - as was all the staff.

He got a little 25-minute cameo at the end of the Stoke game and he showed some nice touches.

We've got to remember that with both of these players, they've come to a new country, a new climate, new food, new people, new coaches and it's different for them.

So we mustn't expect too much too soon, but I have to say, I've been very impressed by both of them as people. We won't put pressure on them; we'll work with them and let them develop at their natural rate.

Pedro is very good technically and tactically. He's very composed on the ball and brings an assurance to our football.

He's bright, he knows the game and he knows the positions to take up on the pitch. He's got an old head on young shoulders.

He joined us from Valencia where he was the U16 Spanish international captain throughout 2012-13 and operates in the classic No.6 midfield role.

Then there's Sergi, who joins us from Barcelona and is an exciting final-third player, who likes to beat people, get into the box and finish.

He's very direct and he really comes to life when he's got the ball at his feet. He's exciting to watch and I'm sure supporters will relish watching the two of them.

I love working with them. That's my passion. It's the same with all the boys. I like looking at players and seeing where I can improve them - the same goes for all the staff here. 

This week a couple of our U18 boys got their first taste of U21 football as Daniel Trickett-Smith, Ryan Kent and Harry Wilson travelled over with Alex Inglethorpe's group to play in a friendly against Sevilla - which ended in a 1-1 draw.

I accompanied the boys and I was there to watch the game. I wouldn't say it was an eye-opener, but I would say it was a level up for them. And I think they will know with hindsight there's work to do - but that's a natural step.

Both of them have been really good at U18 level this year, they've been having an impact on games, but they didn't quite have an impact on Tuesday's match because the level was that little bit tougher.

So now they have to think and find different ways of having an impact on the game at U21 level and I think the game will have given them food for thought.

But, like all the other players here, they have a fantastic attitude and I think that's testament to the other staff who have worked hard here with them from a young age.

We've been playing some very good football of late. Obviously we want to play in a certain style and have a certain identity and I think we've been showing what we're about.

Some of the players have proving themselves as individuals too and that has helped the team. The results have followed.

We've scored 15 goals in our last five games and I'd put that down to the nature of attacking play. We've got lots of gifted attackers in the team, who can beat players, who can combine with other players around them and are great in one-v-one situations.

So we're exciting to watch. With that, we leave ourselves a little bit open at the other end at times. But if we want the players to take a few risks with their football there's always a certain risk to it.

Jerome Sinclair has played in four out of our last five fixtures. He's not fully fit yet, but he looks to be getting better with each training session. He looked sharp in a session we had at Melwood earlier in the week.

In the games, we've seen how his timing and his coordination is coming back and he's scored three goals now, so he's looking a much better player since his return. He can still improve.

Earlier in the week we sat down in our video analysis room and compiled a clip for Jerome to study. Little pointers here and there; like shots of his movements in and around the box.

I've also told him I think he can improve the consistency of his technique with both feet and work a bit on his heading.

But I have to say he's got a lot of tools in his locker already and he's a very exciting player. He's still got some developing to go and he's very receptive to the work.

Jerome is focused, he wants to learn and he wants to get better, so therefore he's one who you always want to help because he's so eager to do well.