Manchester United supporter Vishal Rana provides the view from Old Trafford ahead of the Reds' Capital One Cup clash with their rivals on Wednesday evening.

Talk us through your start to the season...marks out of 10 so far?

The less said about this the better. It was always going to be a difficult start when the fixtures were announced, but that being said, we have to play every team twice - when you're challenging for the title it shouldn't really matter when. With Moyes coming in and replacing Fergie the start will be looked at a bit more strenuously but seven points out of our first five games isn't really good enough.

For marks out of 10 I'd go for four; there have been a few positives, Rooney seems to care again, RVP looks to be carrying on from last season's form, we just need to start pulling the proverbial finger out.

What went wrong, or right, during the summer?

The summer has been a bit of a joke; Ed Woodward recently came out and said we fulfilled our summer objectives, one being to retain Wayne Rooney, the other being to bring in a central midfielder. The weekend made evident that a bit more was needed to be done.

All of the teams around us strengthened and strengthened well; City brought in some great players, as did Chelsea, Arsenal brought in Ozil, and Liverpool and Spurs had a bit of an upheaval. I don't think our summer activities have adequately prepared us for the season ahead.

Fergie leaving has obviously had an impact on us but I think losing David Gill at the same time has also harmed us. Woodward doesn't seem to have the same confidence and prowess that Gill did.

Can things possibly get any worse after Sunday's result?

In a way, I think it needed to happen. We were slow off the mark against Crystal Palace, we played alright against Chelsea, who played for the draw, and the Liverpool game was a bit of an anomaly. Our only good performance came against Swansea; I'm hoping the mauling at the hands of City will give Moyes and the team the kick we need.

How strong a team do you expect David Moyes to select?

He has to select a strong team - we've had a fair few games to play in quite a short space of time and Moyes will probably want to rotate. However, we haven't played that well and another defeat, albeit in the League Cup, would confirm a disastrous start to the season. I'd like to see Kagawa, Zaha and Januzaj get some game time; hopefully they can give us that bit of creativity and attacking flair we lacked against City.

What are your thoughts on the new manager?

Still too early to say, so far he has done nothing to put my worries at ease, but Fergie didn't have the greatest start to his tenure - that turned out alright, didn't it?

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What would be success for your team this season?

Realistically, we need to be there or thereabouts come the end of the season; we also need a good showing in Europe and the two cups. To end the season trophyless will just put more pressure on Moyes. What I wouldn't want is to be drawn into the managerial merry-go-round that other clubs go through. I'd hate to miss out on the title to City again.

What is the best way to cause United problems?

Attack from the off. You saw how City controlled the game once they got a goal; taking the occasion into account, our defence looked vulnerable. It'll be no different against Liverpool, we have some quality defenders but they play the occasion and not the game far too often.

Which Liverpool players will concern you most on Wednesday?

It has to be Suarez, doesn't it? It was like it was written, Suarez's comeback game from suspension is against us. In Suarez I think Liverpool have one of the best players in the world, the fact he stayed over the summer was great news for Liverpool fans, not so much for us. He has the ability to hurt us, especially when we're going through a patch of rocky form. Here's hoping Vidic and co turn up.

Are games with City or the Reds more important to United fans?

Living in Liverpool and taking into account the history of the two clubs, it's still Liverpool games for me. City may be more of an equal team now, as in they and Chelsea are probably our main challengers to the title, but the games against Liverpool always have that bit more to them.

What's your prediction?

Depends which United team turns up. Things have got to turn around at some point, what better way than to do it against Liverpool in a cup game? I'll go with 2-1 to us. But I have to say that, don't I?