Daniel Sturridge has spoken about the 'ruthless' streak that he hopes will help him become one of the Barclays Premier League's top strikers – and revealed some words of wisdom given to him by former teammate Didier Drogba.

The 23-year-old made a scintillating start to his Anfield career, firing 11 goals in 16 games before the end of last season.

Yesterday, Brendan Rodgers tipped him to be one of the Barclays Premier League's leading strikers during 2013-14 - and Sturridge is keen to show his ruthless streak when the new season gets underway.

"I've had an opportunity with Liverpool to show what I can do. You can only express who you are on the field," Sturridge told The Times.

"In the past I might have come across as a sulky person, but I'm just very driven and keep myself to myself.

"I am very approachable. I always show the fans love and respect, but I'm not loud when it comes to football.

"You have to be ruthless but you don't have to be selfish. When I was playing with Chelsea, I spoke to Didier Drogba, a legend at the club. He told me that when you give you get. You don't give to receive; it just happens that way.

"The most important thing is the relationship with your teammates. I like to get assists. It's not about glory, it's about being part of a successful unit."

Sturridge became the quickest Liverpool player to hit 10 goals in the Premier League when he fired his third against Fulham at Craven Cottage on the penultimate day of last season.

His fine vein of goalscoring form was largely down to the striker's innate ability to take up dangerous positions, beat a man and find the back of net.

However, he was also aided by the creativity of a certain Philippe Coutinho, who found the striker time and time again with his extensive passing repertoire.

"We're on the same wavelength," said Sturridge. "I'm a little bit older than him but we get along very well off the field. We understand each other's game. To have a player of his talent with me makes for a great relationship."

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When Sturridge arrived at Anfield seven months ago, he arranged for his brother Leon and cousin Sean to live with him in his city centre flat, which boasts views of the river Mersey.

Sturridge has been bowled over by how welcoming the people of the city have been since his move - and he seems to be settling into life in Liverpool.

"It's a beautiful place to live," said the striker. "It's different; it's more of a family city. You ask for directions or a good place to eat and everybody is happy to talk to you.

"In Liverpool it is all about football. It's incredible to be a part of it. It rubs off on the players and rubs off on the staff. It makes you a passionate footballer. I've had so many messages from the fans. I post photos of my rehab and their messages kept me going.

"I'm very family orientated. I speak to my parents on a daily basis and to my sister and my niece and I thought, moving to a new city, it was only right I had people close to me to keep me grounded.

"They are part of the success I've had so far at Liverpool. They are sharing the highs and the lows; we are going through everything together."