After a two-week break, the LFC Global Family series returns and with the Reds set to face Valerenga tonight in Oslo, today's edition comes from Norway.

Meet Arild - a Norwegian fan from the age of six, who once modelled his hair on Steve McManaman and who dreams of one day meeting Antonio Nunez... 

Name: Arild Skjæveland
Age: 27
Country: Norway
City: Stord
Job: Journalist

Why did you pick Liverpool as your team?

I haven't got a clue. Maybe some influences from the older boys playing football in the street or to wind up my dad who supports Manchester United. I'm not sure.

What's your earliest LFC memory?

Steve McManaman in the 1992 FA Cup final.

How did people in your country follow Liverpool's fortunes at first? 

Liverpool and Manchester United are always in the news, but I remember the days when we had to use teletext page 295 called CLOWNS. There would be something like "player considers Liverpool" and we would call up for £3-a-minute to hear a voice say that some player we had never heard of was on the brink of signing. He never did.

Was it difficult to find out news or see the match? 

It was harder to watch the games at a really young age, as it wasn't like now when everything was televised, but you always had 'GOAL!' to watch on a Sunday.

Who was your first LFC hero an why? 

Probably McManaman. I remember trying to copy his hair style. It did not look good.

What is your favourite LFC memory?

I know I should probably mention a cup win here, but being in Liverpool the week when we beat Real Madrid 4-0, Manchester United 4-1 at Old Trafford, and then Aston Villa 5-0 was brilliant. I have never seen the team win the league but I remember thinking that this was our year then, and that was quite something.

Who has been your favourite Liverpool manager and why?

Rafael Benítez. Considering how good he made the team under that ownership. Considering how much stick he got, loads did not know how lucky they were.

What has been your lowest point supporting Liverpool?

I have never been more frustrated than when Roy Hodgson was in charge, but I don't know if that counts as a low point.

How often do you get to Anfield?

I have been travelling a lot over the last 10 years and studied journalism at LJMU from 2010 and up until May. There were many brilliant trips following the Reds around in this period, and I know Chris Howell in 203 will be gutted I can't hold his seat down for him this season!

Where were you while we were in Istanbul?

I watched it in a horrible pub in Stord that is now gone. I really don't know why we watched it there. The pints must have been on offer. It's the most unbelievable and nerve-wrecking, match I've ever seen.

Do Liverpool have a passionate fan base where you're from?

I come from a small island outside Bergen. There is no organized club or anything, but people do go out to watch the matches and there is quite a few who support Liverpool.

Which team are considered Liverpool's biggest rivals in your country?

Generally, it is without a doubt Manchester United, but locally, as our local pub owner is an (extremely) bitter blue, the victories over Everton taste almost as good.

Where do you go online to follow news about LFC?

I normally use Twitter, as it will be all over it if something big happens - but we are spoiled having in Norway, which updates news from all over in our language.

Do you also support a local team?

IL Solid, fifth division of the Norwegian league. Favourite player there must now be new signing Ole Morten Lie who is a big Red, but I have to admit I haven't seen them play for probably eight years.

Who is your favourite current player and why?

I will just go safe and say Steven Gerrard. Absolutely brilliant.

If you could meet anyone connected to Liverpool FC - past or present - who would it be and why?

I have been quite lucky at this point, and met most of my heroes. But I would like to meet Antonio Nunez and I have absolutely no idea why.

What makes you most proud to be a Liverpool supporter?

How welcome you feel when you come to the city. People are great. It's something the Norwegians supporting London-teams never will understand.

Finally, what does 'the Liverpool way' mean to you?

A phrase that some should use less often to keep it special! But that at LFC, you do things in the right way, are proud of the values and our history.

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