Liverpool U17s manager Mike Garrity has paid tribute to the fluent, incisive brand of football played by his side during their five-day visit to the Northern Ireland Milk Cup.

The Reds missed out on a place in the premier Milk Cup final on goal difference; however, they fought on to scoop the NIMC Globe after beating Corinthians in the semi-finals and Newcastle in the final.

Some of their football was nothing short of breathtaking - and Garrity was keen to praise his players for putting on a show for their loyal local fanbase.

"The most pleasing aspect has been the football that we have played," the boss told "I think some of the attacking football we have played and the technical qualities we have shown has been terrific.

"Going forward I think we would give any backline a problem with the fluency and the pace that we have in the team. After a disappointing start, the way the boys have come back and the way we've pushed on from there has been really, really good.

"It's been a really good week. It's been a good learning week and it was a nice way to finish off by winning this part of the tournament.

"We've had all sorts of things tossed at us this week and we've faced a couple of South American teams, who have played formations that were a little bit new to us and we dealt with that really well.

"I think the boys have dealt with the pressures extremely well and it's nice to get away for the week."

The five-day trip has not only taught the players about what it means to represent Liverpool in a different country and in front of thousands of adoring fans, it's also taught the coaches a lot about the players.

"I think we're always learning as coaches and staff," said Garrity. "We learn about the players every day and sometimes it's not so much on the pitch that we'll learn about them, it's often off the pitch.

"The boys need to develop big personalities and strong characters if they are going to go on and play in our first team.

"I know our fans will be excited. On the one side, it's a bit exciting and you're thinking about how things could be. But on the other side, we need to keep these boys grounded.

"They need to keep learning every day and keep learning hard to break through into the first team. But it's very early days for these boys. Some of them are only just out of school. It's important that they keep their heads down and keep working."