George Patterson

Date of Birth: 01 Jan 1887

Birthplace: Unkown

GAMES: 366

WON: 137


LOST: 144






George Patterson's eight year spell in charge of Liverpool will be best remembered for being somewhat uneventful.

The former Marine player led the Reds to a succession of mid-table finishes with his best effort coming in the 1928-29 campaign when they claimed fifth spot.

Prior to taking the role of manager he had arrived at Anfied in 1908 as an assistant to Tom Watson. He was then promoted to secretary when Watson died in 1915 and would even have a spell as caretaker manager at the start of the 1919-20 season, before finally being given a full-time chance in the combined position of manager/secretary.

During Patterson's time in charge the Reds retained their place in the top division but never finished higher than fifth. On two occasions they did finish low enough to cause concern but not enough for relegation to be a serious possibility.

However, after finishing seventh in 1935, there was an alarming slump the following season with the team being victorious in only three of the last 20 league games.

They eventually escaped relegation by three points, but it had been a close call.

The pressure of managing a struggling First Division club combined with a serious illness eventually took its toll. Patterson resigned in the summer of 1936 from the managerial side of his double-post, although he did continue as the club’s secretary for some time after.