Hicks and Gillett arrive at Anfield

05 February 2007

It was an historic day at Anfield as owner David Moores sold the club he loves to American duo Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Moores, whose family held a stake in Liverpool for half a century, felt new owners were required to take the club forward on and off the pitch - most significantly with the building of a new stadium.

He told supporters: "I believe this is a great step forward for Liverpool, its shareholders and its fans.

"This club is my passion and forms a huge part of my life. After much careful consideration, I have agreed to sell my shares to assist in securing the investment needed for the new stadium and for the playing squad.

"I urge all my fellow shareholders to do the same and to support the offer. By doing so, I believe you will be backing the successful future of Liverpool Football Club."

The arrival of Hicks and Gillett continued a growing trend of foreign owners in English football.

The pair quickly tried to win over the fans with a press conference in the Anfield trophy room which attracted media from across the globe.

And in his first interview with the club, Hicks said: "I don't think David Moores would have chosen us to be the new custodians of this football club unless he was convinced we shared that same sense of responsibility.

"We view this as a very long-term process. Most people who come into sport do make mistakes but we have been in the business a long time and we know the importance of stability in terms of the team, the players and the fans."

Gillett was also eager to show he recognised how special the club was.

"I think both Tom and I have learnt that it's a great honour and a rare privilege to be considered to hold one of the greatest assets in sport in trust," he said.

"To have that privilege is really special.

"I don't know how to properly communicate how much care David Moores put into making this decision. He questioned us aggressively about our commitment, our passion and our willingness to help take the club forward. He wants to ensure we can re-emerge as the greatest team in the Premiership and be fully competitive in Europe.

"The interview process was rigorous, it was not foregone and it was not about money. It was about our passion and our understanding of the fans of this club.

"David is an amazing man and this club is his life. This was the most difficult decision of his life because every single fibre in his body is in this club."